‘Raising and Lowering’ DVD Reviewed

This DVD, which is of benefit to both teachers and new ringers alike, highlights the importance of practising the skills, technique and teamwork necessary to raise and lower individual bells or in peal.  The point is clearly made that raising and lowering bells is a performance piece which must be completed safely while maintaining musicality and rhythm.


Demonstrations start at beginner’s level, showing instructor and student breaking each sequence into specific moves to raise/lower a bell in an effective and efficient manner.  Technique progression occurs in stages culminating in a group demonstration of raising/lowering in peal.  Specific instruction for trebling up and down are provided in the final chapters – offering an instructional DVD that addresses skills from beginner to experienced bell ringer.

A multitude of on-screen teaching techniques are used to illustrate specific skills, thereby accommodating a range of learning styles.  Written instructions on-screen, filmed footage, pictorial and numerical images all help to explain each technique.  Practical advice is given throughout, switching between pupil demonstration, an instructor’s direct address and detailed explanations.

Demonstration footage varies between close-ups, stills, slow motion and split screen camera images – a varied combination which helps to maintain interest.  At times the narration and instructions cease, providing a silent demonstration – enabling the audience to watch without distraction.  Footage of poor technique and common mistakes made by students are also demonstrated – providing the audience with a self-reflection of their current technique.  Large colourful symbols appear on screen to remind the viewer whether the technique shown is best practice or poor handling.

The DVD is organised into short sections, with each section focusing on a specific technique broken down into stages and concluding with the full demonstration sequence from beginning to end – helping to reinforce the correct technique.  This approach enables the viewer to watch for the duration of time available to them and makes this a very user-friendly product.

Summary of features:

  • Pictorial and numerical diagrams
  • Clear explanations with demonstration footage
  • Handling techniques broken into practical sequences
  • Alternative methods provided for some techniques
  • Practical help correcting common mistakes
  • Practical tests to ensure success

A valuable resource for any student or experienced bell ringer who wishes to fully appreciate and understand the necessary skills required to master the art of raising and lowering a bell in peal.  Highly recommended viewing for any bell ringer, whether a beginner or experienced instructor.

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By Bernadette O’Dwyer,  ringer from Atherstone, Warwickshire

Bernadette and her husband Leo began ringing at the Birmingham School of Bellringing in April 2016.  Bernadette is currently working towards Level 3 – and she may be soon attempting her first quarter peal.  Here she reviews the recently produced ‘Raising and Lowering’ DVD

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