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Module 2 C Course at Edington Priory, 29th September 2018

By on 30-Aug-2018 - Tutored by Les Boyce, this is a Module 2 C course (teaching elementary change ringing) which will take place at Edington Priory in Wiltshire. The date is 29th September, and the day course will run between 9.15am and 5.15pm. This is a full day course with a lunch break where the foundation skill techniques taught […] Read more

St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich

By on 14-Jun-2018 - Three, wonderful, talented new ringers for St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich. Karina was keen to learn to ring as part of her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Leonie and Jack started following our tower open day. They have shown real commitment and made really good progress. Congratulations to them all. Karina has obtained her SmART […] Read more

Billingshurst, Module 1 Course, 30th June

By on 05-May-2018 - On the 30th June, Andy and Sallie Ingram will be tutoring a M1 course (teaching bell handling) at Billingshurst, Sussex.  The day course is the first component of the ART Training scheme where teachers are encouraged to put everything into practice by teaching someone to handle a bell and record their lesson plans in a […] Read more

Module 1 Course to be held at Worcester Cathedral, 9th April 2018

By on 14-Mar-2018 - This is the first module of the ART Training scheme – teaching bell handling. Tutored by Graham Nabb, the course will take place in the Teaching Centre at Worcester Cathedral on Monday 9th April and is suitable for teachers of all levels of experience.       Those who are new to teaching will learn […] Read more

Module 2C course to be held at York, 14th July 2018

By on 01-Mar-2018 - St Wilfrid’s in York will be hosting a Module 2 C course on the 14th July, tutored by Graham Nabb. Module 2C is part of the ART Training Scheme and focusses on teaching early change ringing. It is suitable for delegates whose personal ringing is of a standard of plain bob minor or above as […] Read more

Module 1 Course to be held at North Cave, Yorkshire, 28th April 2018 – CANCELLED

By on 05-Feb-2018 - 13/04/2018 – Unfortunately this course has had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers of delegates. Anyone interested in attending a M1 course in Yorkshire could consider the Knaresborough course on the 15th May, details are on the SmART Ringer booking calendar.   On the 28th April, Graham Nabb will be tutoring a Module 1 […] Read more

Module 2C Course, 5th May, St Annes on the Sea, Lancashire

By on 13-Jan-2018 - Module 2 Courses from the ART Training Scheme focus on enhancing our skills for teaching early method ringing. The course itself is the first step in teacher development which can lead towards accreditation with ART for teaching change ringing if desired. Although many delegates who attend M2C have already attended M1 courses in teaching bell […] Read more

Module 2 C course, Edgmond, Shropshire 24th Feb 2018

By on 28-Nov-2017 - Tutored by Paul Lewis, this will be Module 2 C (teaching elementary change ringing) of the ART Training Scheme, held at St Peter’s Edgmond which has a ground floor ring of 8 bells (9cwt). Module 2 C is open to delegates whose personal ringing is up to a minimum of a quarter peal of bob […] Read more

Module 1 Course, Wragby Lincs, 24th February 2018

By on 25-Nov-2017 - On Saturday the 24th of Feb, a Module 1 course (teaching bell handling) will be held at Wragby, tutored by Gill Hughes. The course is suitable for people who are completely new to teaching bell handling, but also ideal for experienced teachers who wish to extend their skills, pick up ideas and help support newer […] Read more