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Plain Bob Doubles for Dummies

By on 06-Mar-2020 - Re-reading something I wrote a while ago on Plain Hunting, I realise what a remarkably long way I have come in the past six months. What seemed tremendously difficult then, strikes me as trivial now. I only hope that the same alchemy will occur now I’m embarking on Plain Bob Doubles. Einstein once said that […] Read more

M2F Course, Hillfarrance, 25 March. Tutor – Les Boyce

By on 30-Mar-2017 -   Despite being located in the Somerset hinterland all 12 attendees (teachers, mentors and the one observer) all managed to arrive before the appointed start time at Holy Cross church, to be welcomed with hot beverages and home made pastries, a very fine welcome particularly for those of us who had been travelling up to […] Read more

Outing to Brightwell, Bells and Magic!

By on 21-Feb-2017 - On a cold dull afternoon in February, fourteen young ringers from the Old North Berks Branch, nine adults and two younger brothers converged on Brightwell to ring the recently renovated bells.  The ringing mostly consisted of rounds and call changes, but there was some plain hunt too.  And while the tower bells were being rung,  […] Read more

One Year On….. Two young ringers at St Mary Wargrave

By on 01-Nov-2016 - At the end of October half term 2015, Kitty and Freddie had their first handling lesson at Wargrave. We have used ‘Learning the Ropes’ throughout, and although both have a natural aptitude, this has undoubtedly helped their progress. Most of their ringing has been at the weekly Wargrave practice and Sunday mornings. A couple of […] Read more

Plain Hunt pain

By on 10-Oct-2016 - As a learner I read Bob Cox’s review of the 2F teacher’s module with interest, particularly the Plain Hunt part as that’s the stage I am at myself. I have some thoughts on what helped me make the jump from call changes to plain hunt, which I’ve discussed with the other people I’m learning with. […] Read more

How Plain Hunt works – for me at least

By on 23-May-2016 - Along with the other learners in my tower, I’m in the process of learning Plain Hunt, mostly Doubles with covering tenor. We started out ringing the 3rd bell, as that way the order that you follow the other bells is easy as it’s just round in a circle – 4,5,1,2,4,5,Lead,Lead,1,2. Unsurprisingly the next thing we […] Read more