Learning the Ropes Resources

Use the links on this page to find resources that will aid your progress through the Learning the Ropes Levels.

Learning the Ropes – Overview

The Learning the Ropes SchemeOverview & General Resources

Level 1 – Bell Handling

Safe ringingOverview

Bells & Fittings Overview & Resources

Learning to Handle a Bell Overview & Resources

Raising & Lowering a BellOverview & Resources

What is Bell Ringing?Overview

Level 2 – Foundation Skills

Ringing RoundsOverview & Resources

Kaleidoscope RingingOverview & Resources

LeadingOverview & Resources

Call ChangesOverview & Resources

Ropesight, Listening & StrikingOverview & Resources

Ringing Jargon: what are they talking about?Definitions & Resources

Level 3 – Introduction to Change Ringing

Covering or Ringing BehindOverview & Resources

Plain HuntOverview & Resources

Peals and Quarter PealsOverview

Level 4 – Novice Change Ringer

Plain Bob DoublesOverview & Resources

Grandsire DoublesOverview & Resources

Successful dodgingOverview & Resources

How to learn methodsOverview & Resources

Course and after bellsOverview & Resources

How are methods written out?Overview & Resources

Understanding method namesOverview & Resources

Stepping stone methodsOverview & Resources

Level 5 – Change Ringer

Plain Bob Minor – Overview & Resources

Treble Bob Hunt – Overview

Calling Touches – Overview & Resources

Little Bob MinorOverview & Resources

Stedman DoublesOverview & Resources