By on 11-Nov-2019 - These children continue to amaze me. The MiniRingers are an after-school club.   We attract a tenth of the whole (small) school – and we have a waiting list.   That’s not, actually, very hard to achieve.  We arrange a variety of different bell-related activities centered around tune and change ringing on bells and chimes.  We perform […] Read more

Island Life – by Helen McGregor

By on 02-Nov-2019 - The most southerly ART Ringing Centre in the UK is on the delightful island of Alderney. With a population varying between only 1300 and 1500, depending on the season, front doors are not locked, cars are parked with keys in, bank tellers have no glass screens, passengers on the flights/ferry to Guernsey/UK embark by first […] Read more

Be Inspired! 50 Ringing Things Film

By on 31-Oct-2019 - Ross Havenhand, ringer from Doncaster – has recently achieved his Gold Plus award from 50 Ringing Things. He has captured some of the highlights in this great little video which you can watch on YouTube, and it might just inspire you to start ticking off some of the ‘things’ yourself! For more information on 50 […] Read more

Norwich City Nail Art!

By on 28-Oct-2019 - Football fans among you will recognise the Norwich City colours on these beautifully painted nails by Norfolk ringer Katie Wright. But this has got nothing to do with football – it’s just a nod to the very first Learning the Ropes Festival of Ringing held in Norwich in August. Mancroft Ringing Discovery CentreManager Nikki Thomas […] Read more

Full of Eastern Promise – by John Loveless, ART member and teacher at Campton, Beds

By on 16-Oct-2019 - We knew going to Singapore to teach ringing would be no holiday, but 11 days of hard work. Our brief was to introduce bell-ringing to Singapore Cathedral, with its fine new 25cwt ring of 12, training members of the Cathedral community to handle a bell using the Learning the Ropes scheme. Starting on 7 August, […] Read more