Newbie query

By on 10-Sep-2019 - I began learning the ropes almost 4 months ago -taking an hour lesson weekly ( a few missed ones due to holidays but that’s all) I’m over 60 and I feel as if I am slow to learn, although my teacher says I am fine, doing well and growing in confidence.  I managed to make […] Read more

The Steeplechase – by Niels Benatar of Braunschweig, Germany & the Tysoes in Wawrickshire

By on 09-Sep-2019 - In the previous edition of Tower Talk, I described my long-distance relationship with English bell ringing from my home in Braunschweig, Germany. I have now developed an affinity for the Tysoes and the Cotswolds which makes me feel giddy. It’s not just the addictive (six times this year alone!) elopement-like jaunts from Thursday to Saturday, […] Read more

Learning Tips: Ringing ‘Round the Back’ – from Ewan Hull, ringer at York

By on 07-Sep-2019 - 16-year-old Ewan rings in York, and was taught by his parents: David Hull and Alison Edmonds. He rang his first quarter peal aged 7 and his first peal aged 8. As well as being an accomplished ringer – he has rung the tenor to young band peals of Cambridge Royal and Bristol Maximus and has […] Read more

What Ellie Did Next…..

By on 05-Sep-2019 - Ellie Seddon was the 100th ringer to achieve ART Learning the Ropes Level 5. Speaking to Tower Talk magazine about what motivated her to take up ringing, Ellie says: After returning from University I made a conscious effort to take up a new hobby, and after overhearing a conversation about a local village (Kirtlington) recruiting […] Read more

The International Bellfie

By on 01-Sep-2019 - Laura E. Goodin has been ringing for just over a year at St. James Old Cathedral in Melbourne, Australia.You can find out more about her writing at I travel a lot. It’s why I’ll never be rich. And now that I’m a bell ringer, travel has taken on a new allure: grabbing towers. It’s […] Read more

Ringing in the City

By on 30-Aug-2019 - For their annual outing, the ringers at Swaffham Bulbeck and Bottisham in Cambridgeshire traditionally drive around villages in rural areas, but this year was different. We decided to ring in some of the historic churches in the City of London, and I was ‘volunteered’ to do the organising. To make the day interesting, I wanted […] Read more

Hilton and Ansty Bell Ringers of the First World War

By on 30-Aug-2019 - Every year, on Remembrance Day, we gather round the Memorial Cross in front of All Saints’ Church in Hilton, Dorset, and read the names of the men who left the Hilton & Ansty Parish Community and did not return. As the centenary of the end of the ‘war to end all wars’ approached, it felt […] Read more