Bob Minor at Welford

By on 22-May-2019 - Coursing, being wrong and at home have always been something I have kept well away from in the past, being a ringer of very little brain. But last Saturday I decided I needed to know more about this conducting art. So having been on the Calling Bob Doubles workshop, (which you really should do first) […] Read more

Module 1 course (teaching bell handling) St Anne’s on Sea, Lancashire

By on 21-May-2019 - On the 29th of June, a Module 1 course (teaching bell handling) will be held at St Anne’s on Sea in Lancashire. Tutored by Graham Nabb, this is the first part of the ART Training scheme, suitable for anyone who would like to teach others to handle a bell, or experienced teachers who wish to […] Read more

Two rather good days

By on 10-May-2019 - No real headlines – but we’ve had a couple of good days here in Yorkshire Tail-End Citadel at Kildwick. Today was quite a one-off.  Six weeks ago, I asked the “vicar” (she’s actually an “interim priest-in-charge”, but few are concerned about such niceties!) if there were any weddings to ring for this year and was […] Read more

Bell Ringing Experience at Great Gransden

By on 02-May-2019 - “Hello, I was wondering if you could arrange a bell ringing experience for me and my friends!!” I had been contacted, through ART, by someone from the St.Neots area who asked if it would  be possible to arrange a “bell ringing experience”. She and some friends like to do something different every year and bell […] Read more