Module 1 course (Teaching Bell Handling) at All Saints’, Edmonton Green 23rd June 2018

All Saints', Edmonton

By on 20-May-2018 - On the 23rd June, Pip Penney will be tutoring the ART Module 1 course in Teaching Bell Handling at All Saints’ Edmonton Green, North London. The day course is the first  stage in the ART Training Scheme and focusses on teaching bell handling by breaking the process down into small, manageable steps, starting with the […] Read more

New Log Book

By on 12-May-2018 - We had fun last night when having already seen 9 learners through Level 1 and 5 through Level 2 I thought I knew most of what was required at each level. However when asking what one of my learners needed to ring she asked me about 2 of the skills. You can imagine my surprise […] Read more

Congratulations to Noah and mum too!


By on 09-May-2018 - Congratulations to Noah on his first 720 rung with our local Sunday Service Band at Sprotbrough. Mum Jane also achieving a first as conductor. Both rang exceptionally well & the band enjoyed the excellent striking. Noah is now looking forward to becoming a qualified member of the Yorkshire Association & his next step of two […] Read more

Billingshurst, Module 1 Course, 30th June

Billingshurst - St Mary the Virgin (8)

By on 05-May-2018 - On the 30th June, Andy and Sallie Ingram will be tutoring a M1 course (teaching bell handling) at Billingshurst, Sussex.  The day course is the first component of the ART Training scheme where teachers are encouraged to put everything into practice by teaching someone to handle a bell and record their lesson plans in a […] Read more

3 months with ART and LTR1 passed

By on 29-Apr-2018 - Social Media Facebook … that’s how I started. A small ad for anyone who wanted to learn with the art: bell handling… I had no idea the impact it would have on my life… I’ve been fortunate enough to visit 22 different towers so far on my journey. Welcomed by all and very pleased to […] Read more