Teaching Programmes

Teaching Bell Handling –  ART Training Scheme Module 1

Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt – ART Training Scheme Module 2F

Teaching Elementary Change Ringing – ART Training Scheme Module 2C

Teaching Workshops – A new range of stand-alone workshops

To find out more about the ART Training Scheme visit the Modules on the ART website.

To request a place on an upcoming ART Day Course or ART Workshop go to the calendar and booking form

Ringing Programmes

Learning the Ropes – A progressive learning scheme for bell ringers

Learning the Ropes Plus – A scheme to encourage ringers who want to progress further

Learning the Ropes Handbells – A progressive learning scheme for handbell ringers

50 Ringing Things – A challenge to help you experience a wide range of ringing activities

To find out more about the Learning the Ropes Scheme visit the LtR website.