ART Workshops

Workshops develop stand-alone educational or ringing skills. To find out more about the workshops visit the ART website.

Available Now

  • Calling Plain Bob Doubles – A half-day introduction to calling Plain Bob Doubles open to ringers able to ring touches of Bob Doubles confidently.
  • Conducting – A half-day workshop that uses Plain Bob Minor to explain coursing orders, how touches work, how standard touches are applicable to other methods, and how the coursing order can be used to check ringing and potentially correct mistakes. It is ideal for people who can call touches, maybe even quarter peals, but don’t really understand in any depth what the calls are doing.
  • Mentor Development – A  two hour interactive workshop suitable for ART Training Scheme teachers and mentors.
  • Bell Maintenance – This one day workshop provides delegates with a working knowledge of bells and their fittings, how they are maintained, and how to consider Health and Safety when working in the tower.
  • Simulator Awareness – A half day workshop covering both hardware and teaching with simulators, packed full of hands-on exercises.
  • Listen & Strike – A full day workshop open to any ringer who would like to improve their striking. The workshop will help you develop listening skills and rhythm, leading to a reduced reliance on looking and better striking.
  • Tower Leadership – A full day workshop for Tower Captains, Branch Officers and all those who want to make a difference.  Covers stakeholder management, leading the team, good practice and performance.
  • Recruitment and Retention – A half day workshop that introduces you to lots of ideas and guides you through building your personal recruitment and retention plan, whether for your band or your local branch or district.
  • Teaching Handbells – A practical introduction to the LtR Handbell scheme.

If you want to attend a workshop then check the calendar of upcoming courses and workshops.

Want a Workshop in your area?

If you’re interested in leading and organising an ART workshop then please contact Graham Nabb .