Ringing Programmes

50 Ringing Things

The aim of this challenge is to encourage you, whatever your age, to experience a wide range of ringing activities. In doing so you will meet and engage with more experienced ringers and your ringing will benefit. You should also gain an insight into different aspects of ringing and its culture. Bronze, Silver and Gold […]

Learning the Ropes Plus

Learning the Ropes Plus is an awards scheme provided to encourage and to make provision for those ringers who want to progress beyond the Learning the Ropes scheme. Unlike Learning the Ropes it is not a progressive scheme, as submissions can be made for any category of achievement at any time. Electronic certificates will be […]

Learning the Ropes Handbells

Learning the Ropes Handbells is a progressive learning scheme for change ringing on handbells, based on the principles of music grades or karate belts. It has five stages, known as Levels. Each Level develops key skills. When you have completed Level 5, your handbell ringing will be at a standard where you will be able […]

Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes is a progressive learning scheme for bell ringers. It is designed to use milestones to enable ringers to progress faster and further. It has five Levels from basic handling to change ringing and includes assessment by Quarter Peal. Level 1 Level 1 is aimed at ensuring a new ringer has a strong […]