Please Help answer this question.

By on 18-Mar-2022 - Dear Sir / Madam. After completing Module 1 Day Course at Edmonton North London, and again at Yalding, Kent, I thought I was an ART member. I have now taught an accredited person and are teaching another, but to be an accredited teacher I need to complete the theory test, How do I access this […] Read more

Musings on a Mat

By on 16-Mar-2022 - It’s a bit embarrassing when you get showered with inaccurate plaudits. The Kildwick MiniRingers have a popular party-piece which is ringing Plain Bob (usually doubles) “on the mat”.  That mat is like a 2-row slice of a chessboard.  White (or yellow for us) is handstroke and black (green) is back.  You step anticlockwise around the […] Read more