Opportunities for All at Truro Cathedral – by Hayley Young

By on 20-Mar-2020 - We are extremely fortunate to have a ring of 12 at Truro Cathedral, which is the only ring of 12 in Cornwall. They are probably one of the most difficult rings of 12 in the country due to their excessive draught and audibility issues. We are also limited by the extremely busy Cathedral diary to […] Read more

Missing Vowels Quiz

By on 18-Mar-2020 - Here are a some phrases you’re likely to hear in the tower. We’ve taken out the vowels and put in some misleading gaps! Have fun! 1.KPYRB CKST RKSN! 2.WHC NRN GNSNDY? 3.STRTCHP HGHTHND STRKE 4.BNDTLWR5.GPLNB BDBLS This little quiz first appeared in the January edition of Tower Talk Read more

Is Ringing THAT Dangerous??!

By on 12-Mar-2020 - The photo shows two ringers from my tower who both damaged their right foot within a few days of each other,thus forming what they chose to call ‘Club Foot’. They found that they could still enjoy ringing, even wearing a surgical boot, provided they added a little extra height to their other foot. But it […] Read more