Learning the Ropes Handbells

Learning the Ropes Handbells is a progressive learning scheme for change ringing on handbells, based on the principles of music grades or karate belts.

It has five stages, known as Levels. Each Level develops key skills. When you have completed Level 5, your handbell ringing will be at a standard where you will be able to progress quickly forwards in the exciting and challenging world of handbell ringing.

How to enrol

  • If you’re new to SmART Ringer you must register for a SmART Ringer login. (*)
  • Purchase a Learning the Ropes Handbells logbook from the ART Shop.
  • Enrol for Learning the Ropes Handbells by logging into SmART Ringer and selecting “Want to try something new?”

(*) If you’re a teacher who has attended an ART Day Course or Workshop or a ringer who is registered on the LtR or any other of the ART ringing schemes then you don’t have to re-register.