Conducting Course at Stretham, Cambridgeshire – 17th October 2015

On October 17th, two courses will be given at Stretham Ringing Education Centre by Simon Linford, who devised the course on behalf of ART.  Simon is a very experienced conductor on all numbers of bells, having conducted over 250 peals including a number of records.  However Simon likes nothing more than helping other ringers achieve things for the first time, and seeing faces light up when the mysteries of calling and coursing orders are revealed!

Stretham Ringing Education Centre

Stretham Ringing Education Centre

Part 1  Calling Bob Doubles  ( course will take place between 2pm and 4.15pm)
Aims for all participants:

To be able to call 120s of Bob Doubles from any bell

To be able to call a 60 of Bob Doubles

To have a strategy for calling a Quarter peal

This course is aimed at ringers who can confidently ring a touch of Bob Doubles affected but who have not done any calling.  You will learn when to put the calls in, see different ways of
remembering how to call touches of Bob Doubles, and have plenty of opportunity to call touches in practice.  By the end of the course you will see how you could call a quarter peal
of Bob Doubles.

There are no helpers other than the tutor – participants ring the touches and take turns to call.

Part 2  First steps in conducting  (course will take place between 5pm and 7.30pm)

Aims for all participants:

To be able to call two different touches of Bob Minor

To understand the derivation of coursing orders

To be able to see and practically use coursing order in Bob Minor

This course is aimed at ringers who can confident call touches but have never understood or considered how coursing orders are derived or used.  Using Bob Minor as a base method, attendees will be helped to see the coursing order unfold, understand and see how calls affect it, and then see how conductors use that knowledge to check the ringing, and ultimately to correct it.  The conductor’s ‘box of tricks’ will be revealed!

The cost for each course is £5 (or £10 for both), with an additional local contribution of £2 per person to cover tower donation and refreshments.

Details of how to book a place can be found on the SmART Ringer events page here.

The website for the Stretham Ringing Education Centre (including directions) is here.


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