Module 1 course (teaching bell handling), 24th October 2015, Grantham – Lincolnshire

On  Saturday the 24th October,  Sue Faull will be tutoring a M1 course at St Wulfram’s, Grantham.

Delegates are invited to arrive for introduction and coffee at 9.30am, then the rest of the morning will be dedicated to the theory of teaching a skilled activity, and practical sessions on teaching the basic components of ringing, such as joining both strokes together.

After lunch (teas and coffees are provided throughout the day, but please bring your own packed lunch!),  the course will include theory on what makes a good teacher, practical sessions on ringing up and down, solving common handling issues and discussion on the accreditation process.

As usual, the Module 1 course is open to all those with an interest in teaching, including people who have never taught before. Experienced teachers are also especially welcome to refresh and extend their skills and share their knowledge whilst supporting newer teachers through the ART mentoring scheme – which can also lead towards accreditation.

The course fee is £20 payable to ART, plus any local contribution to cover teas and coffees.

To request a place on this course, please use the SmART Ringer Course calendar here:

Online booking is open until the 10th of October.

St Wulfram's Church, Grantham - where the course will take place

St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham – where the course will take place

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