Module 2 F Course at Edgmond, Shropshire

Tutored by Paul Lewis, this Module 2 Foundations course is proving to be a very popular course as part of the ART Training scheme. It is already especially helpful for teachers who are working with ringers progressing from rounds to plain hunt.  It is not necessary to have attended an ART Training course before.

To find out what to expect, there is a review of the most recent M2F course tutored by Paul online here.

By spending a whole day focussing on teaching core skills such as dodging, place making, ringing by place, kaleidoscope, ropesight, listening skills and call changes, the M2F course is useful for anyone involved in an ongoing recruitment drive, especially those who are working with recently formed bands who do not yet ring methods.

St Peter's, Edgmond - (8 bells, 9cwt, rung from the ground floor).

St Peter’s, Edgmond – (8 bells, 9cwt, rung from the ground floor).

By teaching foundation skills thoroughly in small, manageable stages, ringers will gain the confidence and skills to help them more easily progress onto method ringing if they wish to. The M2F day course will not cover method ringing, but coaching theory, running an effective practice, setting goals and motivation will all be covered in the theory sessions, leaving plenty of time in the tower to try out practical ringing exercises and activities.

Delegates for the course must be able to ring a minimum of plain hunt on 5 bells and raise / lower a bell in peal. It is suitable for new teachers and experienced teachers alike who wish to extend their skills and gain new ideas to use in the tower.#

Paul Lewis - Course Tutor

Paul Lewis – Course Tutor

The course which is to be held at the St Peter’s, Edgmond will start just at 9.15am and finish at 17.00pm, with a lunchbreak and tea breaks.

Course fees are £20 payable to ART. Delegates can make a local donation for lunch in the Church , along with refreshments throughout the day.

If you have further questions about this course, please contact the ART Administrator, or request a place online using the SmART Ringer booking calendar here

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