The edge of a precipice? Or the foot of a mountain?


The new band ringing for their first Sunday Service (picture added later!)

I’ve been ringing for some 55 years – but this one is new to me.

Suddenly finding myself as a tower captain with no band, a recruiting drive seemed to be called for so yesterday, we held an Open Day.  It was advertised with leaflets around the parish, in shops and community boards and the like.

I had no idea how many – or even if any – people would arrive and it was great to see a small crowd outside the door – 11 potential ringers!  Three ringing friends and an odd (and he was odd!) tower grabber made up a good demonstration team.  We took them to see the bells and two of us gave them all a go at backstroke.

A few (probably, knowing me, it was too many) words about commitment and the forming of a band followed – and one or two bodies faded gently out of the door.   For signing-up time I had a simple name-and-address contact sheet and the ART Permission to Ring form for minors.  I came home with seven forms.  There are a couple of others who I know are joining us – and then, last night, I got a mail from one of my new ones; “can I bring a friend?”  That’s suddenly an instant band of ten!  This morning, I’ve ordered a pack of log books and we start training on Thursday.

So here we are.  There is certainly a vertical rock face in front of me.  I pray that I’m at the bottom and will be climbing up – but with this sort of challenge, I may just be at the top, about to plummet.  I have good support from my ART tutor and my mentor as well as backup from several members of the Western Branch.  I have towers I can visit which will welcome us and there’s a pub just by the church gates.

One consequence is down to the fact that it’s a 20 minute walk to church.  I’m not going to have that sort of time.  Today, I go out and buy a moped!

Up or down?  I need to be positive:  What can possibly go wrong?

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