New Band at Eythorne are ‘Learning the Ropes’

When I go out and about, I do like visiting villages and churches. I went  to Barfrestone near Dover. The Church there does have a bell which is hung in a tree outside, I kid you not!
I did have a look round Eythorne church and found a community magazine. On the last
page there was a letter asking lots of questions and one was “Why do the bells at Eythorne not ring on a Sunday?” as there was no email address, I wrote a reply and sent the letter Snail Mail……..

I said “the bells probably don’t ring as they probably don’t have any
ringers, but find me 5 people and I will train a band” . Within 2 days I received a reply saying
they would love to have a band!

Eythorne Tower

Eythorne Tower

So, a letter went into the magazine asking for ringers and would be ringers. I was
amazed at the people that wanted to learn to ring, and a few lapsed ringers as well, we had
about 8. So we, (Peter Dale, Andy  from St Dunstan’s and myself)  started teaching the new band on  Fridays. Their progress was very good and they have now rung for a service.

Eythorne - bells rung from the porch

Eythorne – bells rung from the porch

The band  were all taught under the ART Learning the Ropes Scheme.
So after years of the bells being silent they are ringing and the village loves them, no tower needs to be silent.

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