800th Level 2 Certificate Awarded at Wargrave

Anne-Marie Adams, a ringer at St Mary’s Wargrave, became the 800th ringer to be awarded LtR Level 2, Foundation Skills, having completed the final exercise by calling call changes on Wednesday 3 January 2018.

Tower manager John Coombes presented her with her certificate on the next practice night, when she rang the treble to plain hunt on six very nicely.

800th Level 2 certificate presentation

800th Level 2 certificate presentation

Anne-Marie started her ringing at Clewer before she recently moved back to her childhood village of Wargrave. As Clewer also uses the ART LtR scheme, she came with her ‘little blue book’ which facilitated the move. I could see exactly what she had done and Anne-Marie had the advantage of continuity and consistency of approach and targets. Anne-Marie is now making good progress through the Level 3 targets

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