More anniversary news

Our ringers were asked to pen a few lines about their first year in the Kildwick band.   You’ve already seen (if not, why not?!) Theresa’s contribution.  Here are some more:

Pete and David

Peter should be our “Rock” – but it’s really David in that role

“Back in Harness!  I’ve been retired (from ringing) for fifty years but was dug out to join the new Kildwick band.  Everyone is mutually supportive, and anxious to improve.  My own ‘rustiness’ is disappearing, and I hope that we can grow in numbers as well as expertise in our second year (and thereafter).” (David Pearson)

Ben is making the progress you'd expect from one that age

Ben is making the progress you’d expect from one that age

“A year ago – almost to the day – I was out on a local stroll with my wife and grandson when we called in at the tower to see some ringing as part of a tower Open Day: 

Ben and I were intrigued, and after being lightly pressed by better half decided to have a taster lesson:  We were hooked from the start.  It seems after a year that my 13 year old grandson is a “natural” and what was a competitive contest has become somewhat one-sided. 

I must say that the ringing has become quite tuneful and I am slowly catching up to the other newcomers from one year ago and certainly feel part of this new group.  Ben is quite a way ahead BUT I keep telling him that it is only a matter of time before I will be ringing with the best !!! 

An enjoyable gentle(ish) form of exercise whilst all the time preserving a small slice of traditional English life and heritage.   The company’s not bad, either !!” (Pete Seward

the "middle three"

The “middle three”

“I’ve always enjoyed the sound of the bells ringing.  The tower is less than a stone’s throw from my front door so it was a case of be woken up by the bells or help to wake up everyone else.  I’m now well and truly hooked.  …And after practice you get to go to the pub with a great bunch of new friends.”  (Gill Berry)


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