New band for a new tower – St Mary’s, Kilmood

St Mary’s Kilmood 6bells, Tenor 2cwt.

I coordinated teaching of 17 new ringers using  Art Teaching methods by other Art teachers and two highly experienced other teachers ( soon to start on the Art Teacher Training Programme). Kilmood is a light 6 installed by Martin Hough, very like installation at  Dunmanway in  Co Cork . It was amazing that all 17 new ringers stayed the course. Helped perhaps by the link to the Centenary of WW1 for which they were dedicated as ” The Peace Bells “.

The Kilmood Band

There has been wonderful support and enthusiasm in the village and wider area.  All the new ringers rang at dedication on  Friday 9th Nov and at all subsequent events organised over following days.  They loved the association with the Ringing Remembers campaign and wore their badges with pride.

Instruction continues at their practices on Mon and Tuesday nights assisted by various teachers as available. Their favourite party piece is call changes to Queens and back.  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was attempted this week and thereafter I expect that steady progress will be maintained.

The Kilmood band

New Ringers at Kilmood

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