DBS certificates, safeguarding and coronavirus.

As part of becoming a member of ART you are asked for a Disclosure and Baring Service Certificate (DBS).  As sadly no ringing is taking place at the current time, it has been decided not to suspend the membership of anyone who has failed to obtain a current (less than five year old) DBS certificate within the usual three months we allow. Or alternatively to have a current signed Exemption Declaration, which are valid for one year (renewable on a yearly basis), which you can sign you don’t normally teach children and vulnerable adults.

Email requests will still be sent out to those of you needing to apply for a new DBS certificate in our normal way. DBS certificates can be applied for via the post through Lloyd Education and appear to be being issued by the government, in the normal way. Please request a pack of paperwork from elaine.greatrex@bellringing.org

Anyone who has an expired DBS certificate, (over three months out of date)  when we start to ring again will run the risk of your membership of ART being suspended, until either a new current certificate is forthcoming or the Exemption Declaration is sent to elaine.greatrex@bellringing.org  You will be emailed about this, if it applies to you, so please make sure we have your current email address!

Stay safe and look after your family and your ringing band.   Elaine Greatrex.

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