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Module 2C Course, 5th May, St Annes on the Sea, Lancashire

St Annes on the Sea (8 bells 16cwt)

By on 13-Jan-2018 - Module 2 Courses from the ART Training Scheme focus on enhancing our skills for teaching early method ringing. The course itself is the first step in teacher development which can lead towards accreditation with ART for teaching change ringing if desired. Although many delegates who attend M2C have already attended M1 courses in teaching bell […] Read more

Module 1 Course to be held at Edington Priory, 24th March 2018

Edington Priory - Course Venue

By on 05-Jan-2018 - On the 24th March, Edington Priory will host the first module in the ART Training scheme – teaching bell handling. Beginning with a day course, both new and experienced teachers will learn various techniques for teaching bell handling, starting with the bell in the ‘down’ position, which is ideal for nervous ringers who can feel […] Read more

Module 1 (Teaching Bell Handling) at Billinghurst, 28th April 2018

Billingshurst - St Mary the Virgin (8)

By on 31-Dec-2017 - The Church of St Mary the Virgin (8 bells, 14cwt tenor) will be hosting its first Module 1 course from the ART Training Scheme, tutored by Pip Penney. The day course is the first step in teacher development and is ideal for both new teachers who have never taught handling before, and experienced teachers who […] Read more

ART Module 1, 10th February at Horringer, Suffolk

St Leonard, Horringer, 8 (8cwt)

By on 16-Dec-2017 - On the 10th of February, a Module 1 day course (teaching bell handling) will be held at St Leonard’s, Horringer. Tutored by Lesley Boyle, this is day one of the skill development process for anyone wishing to teach bell handling. The course is suitable both for completely new teachers and for experienced teachers who wish […] Read more