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Bob Minor at Welford

By on 22-May-2019 - Coursing, being wrong and at home have always been something I have kept well away from in the past, being a ringer of very little brain. But last Saturday I decided I needed to know more about this conducting art. So having been on the Calling Bob Doubles workshop, (which you really should do first) […] Read more

A story of a simulator.

By on 18-Jun-2018 - I know there are a lot of computer simulators, quietly sitting in a dusty corner never being used. The technology is not simple for a mere mortal with just adequate computer and even less engineering skills. But I thought it was the only way forward. I am after all the only member of my merry […] Read more

Simulator Awareness Workshop at Hathern – Review

By on 02-Aug-2017 - We came from all directions and all had a different agenda. What we were there for was a simulation awareness workshop, what we got was a well-informed introduction to simulators and a wide-ranging informative discussion on the future of how simulators could help ringers ring without disturbing the neighbours. While the workshop was designed as […] Read more

Five Scaldwell Ringers Achieve LtR Level One

By on 11-Nov-2016 - First there were Seven. Then there are Five. Now there are Four. “Can you teach a mother a daughter, Amanda and Hannah to ring?” Asked Reverend Cannon Karen soon after I had returned to ringing and was helping the struggling ringers at Scaldwell. Yes, was my immediate reply, then panic set in! For a few […] Read more