Help Centre - All the paperwork puts me off going on a Day Course

Some people like the structure that an ART Training Scheme offers, some people are put off.  We are all different.  The “paperwork” is there for a reason though.

Writing up your teaching sessions in your Teacher Training Logbook helps your mentor to see the thoughts and ideas you are putting into your teaching sessions and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate awareness of how your teaching is going, what went well, and what you would like to do differently next time. It can also be really useful for you to have a quick glance at before each session to remind yourself what your ringer has already learned and what skills are still being developed.

We ask you to register your ringers’ progress on-line so that your ringer can access the many benefits and resources available to them through SmART Ringer. We can also send them certificates as they achieve personal targets through the LtR Ringers Personal Progress Logbooks. Many ringers find this very motivating and like the professional approach of learning to ring in a more structured and progressive way.

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Day Course reports often demonstrate how scepticism can be turned into enthusiasm in a single day.

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