Help Centre - ART Training Scheme Day Courses

The ART Training Scheme Day Courses are the start of your learning journey. Attendance on a course gives you a SmART Ringer login and access to on-line teaching resources for you and the ringers you are teaching. Choose the course that is best for you.

I have lost my Teacher Training Logbook – how do I get a replacement?

If the copy of the Teacher Training Logbook that you were given when you attended the Teacher Training Day Course (Module 1, Module 2F or Module 2C) has been lost or damaged, you can download a replacement – click here.

What happens on a Day Course?

All of the Day Courses last for a full day and are a mixture of theory and practical sessions. For instance Module 1 has presentations on how to teach a skill (much taken from standard approaches in sport), techniques for teaching, and dealing with handling problems. Practical sessions include the basic components of handling a bell, joining […]

Can I attend a Module 2 Day Course before I’ve attended Module 1?

Yes. You should attend the Module that best supports the teaching that you are currently doing with your ringers and/or band. All the Modules contain the same teaching and learning philosophy but focus on different areas of ringing development. Further Information Find out more about the various Modules and choose the one that is best for […]

Who can attend a Day Course?

All the Modules are open to teachers aged 14 or over. We only ask that you have sufficiently good bell control to be able to inspire confidence in others and an ability to comfortably ring up and down in peal to attend Module 1 and 2F. Whilst for Module 2C we require that you have […]

What’s the difference between Module 2F and Module 2C?

Module 2C (Teaching from Rounds to Elementary Change Ringing) is an alternative to Module 2F and provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to teach from Rounds to basic change ringing (Plain Bob). The teaching ethos and techniques can easily be extended to more advanced methods after the course.  It includes how to teach the foundation […]

What’s the difference between a mentor and a teacher?

Everyone enters the scheme as a teacher, whether they have no previous teaching experience or have been teaching for many years.  After accreditation everyone becomes an accredited ART teacher and can then elect to become an ART Member. Some teachers are asked to take on the additional responsibility and commitment of mentoring a less experienced […]

Who can organise an ART Day Course?

Anyone can. Some courses are arranged by Associations, Branches or Education Officers, many are booked by individuals who have identified a need in their area and are keen to do something about it. Sometimes ART Tutors arrange a course near their own base for anyone to attend – we had one at Kineton recently with […]

I just want to attend the Day Course, I am not really concerned about accreditation

When deciding whether to attend a Day Course, it’s useful to think ahead to whether your goal is to become an ART accredited teacher and use the ‘Learning the Ropes’ scheme for your ringers, or whether you are really just coming along as an observer. Observers pay just £10 in course fees (instead of £20) […]

All the paperwork puts me off going on a Day Course

Some people like the structure that an ART Training Scheme offers, some people are put off.  We are all different.  The “paperwork” is there for a reason though. Writing up your teaching sessions in your Teacher Training Logbook helps your mentor to see the thoughts and ideas you are putting into your teaching sessions and […]

I don’t have anyone to teach

If you don’t already have a ringer to teach, then why not have a look at the ART good practice guidelines about recruitment, or ask for advice from Andrew Else our recruitment advisor – his email is You won’t be able to be accredited at Module 1 without teaching one or more new ringers […]