Help Centre - What’s the difference between a mentor and a teacher?

Everyone enters the scheme as a teacher, whether they have no previous teaching experience or have been teaching for many years.  After accreditation everyone becomes an accredited ART teacher and can then elect to become an ART Member.

Some teachers are asked to take on the additional responsibility and commitment of mentoring a less experienced teacher. Mentors provide guidance and support to teachers, complementing their knowledge of ART Training Scheme techniques with their wide experience of teaching and people.  It is the responsibility of the Course Tutor (in consultation with the course organiser) to decide who (if anyone) should be asked to mentor another teacher.

As ART grows and matures, many teachers on ART Day Courses are being paired up with teachers who have already been through the ART Training Scheme so that nowadays the majority of new course delegates no longer take on mentoring responsibilities.

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