Help Centre - Who can organise an ART Day Course?

Anyone can.

Some courses are arranged by Associations, Branches or Education Officers, many are booked by individuals who have identified a need in their area and are keen to do something about it.

Sometimes ART Tutors arrange a course near their own base for anyone to attend – we had one at Kineton recently with 16 people, of whom only two were local, the rest traveling from various locations some distance away.

If you have a small nucleus of people wanting to learn with ART then hosting a day course could be just the right thing to do. When the course is advertised on the ART website our experience is that teachers from further afield quickly fill up the remaining empty slots.

It just takes someone with enthusiasm and the organisational skills to arrange the day and book people to come along. Keeping in touch with delegates afterwards, checking progress and arranging practice sessions is important but this task can be taken on by someone else from the group.

Find out more about organising a Day Course.

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