Help Centre - Do I need to submit a DBS if I don’t regularly teach children or vulnerable adults?

This question is only relevant to ART Members.

One of the requirements for the Liability Insurance cover is that ART ensures that all those teaching Young People or Vulnerable adults are DBS (or Safeguarding Scotland/other equivalent) checked. This is very much the same as other activities (e.g. sports, music) where teaching, coaching or supervision occurs. The Charity commission has also required declarations dealing with our safeguarding practices & checks. Most importantly parents expect proper checks to be made.

Therefore the ART Safeguarding Administrator (Elaine Greatrex – see contact details below) must either:

  • see a members’ DBS (or equivalent) certificate or
  • have your permission to carry out an online enquiry if you have registered for the new online update scheme or
  • have an annual declaration that they will not teach or supervise a ringing session where Children or Vulnerable Adults are present – it is a requirement of membership.

It is possible that if the contact with children is not ‘regular’ a DBS may not be required – please discuss with Graham if appropriate.

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To find out more about the online update scheme, contact:

Elaine Greatrex, ART Safeguarding Administrator (e-mail:


Graham Nabb, ART Safeguarding Officer (e-mail:
12 Glosters Green, Kineton, Warw. CV35 OLT

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