Help Centre - ART Membership

You will be invited by the ART Administrator to become a Member of ART after completing one or more of the ART Training Scheme Modules.

Which Learning the Ropes Levels can I assess ringers and submit passes at?

The Learning the Ropes (LtR) Levels that you can assess ringers and submit passes at depends upon which Teacher Training Modules you have completed or are engaged on. For safety reasons, you can only assess ringers and submit passes at LtR Level 1 (Bell Handling) if you have completed, or are engaged on, Module 1 (Teaching Bell […]

Do I need to be accredited at both the new Modules (2F and 2C) to become a full ART Member?

No.  To become a full ART Member you have to be accredited at Module 1 and either Module 2F or Module 2C. Further Information Find out more about the accreditation process and the benefits of ART Membership.

How do I get a DBS via ART?

This question is only relevant to ART Members.  If you are have not accredited yet you should approach your Church for a DBS – which will of course be valid once you become ART accredited (we do not need a separate one.) If you are an ART Member and want to apply for a DBS […]

How do I register for the online DBS Update Service?

This question is only relevant to ART Members. The online Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) update service allows: applicants to keep their DBS certificates up to date employers and other organistations to check a DBS certificate This service is free to volunteers and must be carried out within 30 days of receipt of your new […]

Do I need to submit a DBS if I don’t regularly teach children or vulnerable adults?

This question is only relevant to ART Members. One of the requirements for the Liability Insurance cover is that ART ensures that all those teaching Young People or Vulnerable adults are DBS (or Safeguarding Scotland/other equivalent) checked. This is very much the same as other activities (e.g. sports, music) where teaching, coaching or supervision occurs. […]

Safeguarding training for ART Members

This question is only relevant to ART Members. As an education focused charity it is appropriate that ART is able to offer training to teachers in many areas, including Child Protection. Safeguarding training is available via the Church of England who have developed a series of online courses and require all volunteers connected with the […]

Does ART Membership include insurance for when I’m teaching?

Yes it does. Once you are accredited as a teacher you will be eligible to become an ART Member; the annual membership subscription includes Public Liability Insurance for ART Members whilst teaching or running ART activities. INSURANCE SUMMARY ART holds a ‘Charity and Community’ insurance policy (Policy No. 06/CHA/6081846) with the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. This policy […]

When does ART need to see my DBS certificate?

You will be asked to provide your DBS certificate as soon as you become a Member of ART and will be sent instructions on what is required and what to do as you become accredited and offered the trial membership.  Please don’t send anything in advance of this request. If you do not already have […]

When will I appear on the directory so that potential new learners can get in touch?

When you join ART as a Member. When you are accredited, you will be offered the opportunity to join ART as a Member. You will be asked to supply evidence of a DBS certificate or make an exemption declaration and pay your membership subs.  Once complete, you will be eligible to be listed on our […]

Where do I find the Membership Declaration?

You complete the on-line Membership Declaration just before becoming an ART Member.  As accreditation automatically leads to a 3 month Membership free trial you are required to complete the Declaration before you can be recommended for accreditation. The Membership Declaration demonstrates that you have read and will comply with ART policies and guidelines.  To find […]