Help Centre - Does ART Membership include insurance for when I’m teaching?

Yes it does. Once you are accredited as a teacher you will be eligible to become an ART Member; the annual membership subscription includes Public Liability Insurance for ART Members whilst teaching or running ART activities.

ART holds a ‘Charity and Community’ insurance policy (Policy No. 06/CHA/6081846) with the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. This policy provides Employer’s Liability insurance cover for “The Committee for the time being of the Association of Ringing Teachers, its Officers, Members and affiliated Hubs & Centres” whilst undertaking normal ART business activities (the description of the ‘business’ on the policy being: “to develop and support teaching and recruitment in the art of Change Ringing, including organisation and delivery of Courses, Publications (all media), Seminars, Conferences, Awards, individual tuition and other events.”)


  1. The Ecclesiastical Insurance Group requires all charities & churches to comply with very stringent conditions if the teaching of children and/or vulnerable adults is carried out unsupervised, and ART is not able to full comply with these conditions. Therefore, you MUST NOT teach children and/or vulnerable adults unsupervised (i.e. on your own), as the insurance cover would not apply
    Note: Further information on ART’s Policies (including: Health & Safety, Safeguarding … etc.), with relevant Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes, is available on the ART web site.
  2. Should any accident occur resulting in injury or damage to third party property the Accident Report Form must be used to report the incident immediately
  3. The insurance policy only applies in the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)

Detail regarding the insurance policy can be found at the following:

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