Help Centre - How do I get a DBS via ART?

This question is only relevant to ART Members.  If you are have not accredited yet you should approach your Church for a DBS – which will of course be valid once you become ART accredited (we do not need a separate one.)

If you are an ART Member and want to apply for a DBS via ART this is arranged using an umbrella organisation – Lloyd Education – and will cost £8. Please e-mail the ART Safeguarding Administrator (Elaine Greatrex, e-mail: for a form and return it direct to Lloyd Education with the appropriate documents and cheque. It takes about 2 or 3 weeks to come. You will also need to send the required identity documents to Lloyd Education but by prior arrangement these may be confirmed by an ART official or local organiser.

You can register for the online update service at the same time as you apply for your DBS.

On receipt of your DBS it needs to be checked by the ART Safeguarding Administrator (Elaine Greatrex, e-mail:

  • If you have not used the update service send the certificate along with a SAE. High quality scans are acceptable but the original certificate must be seen if the quality is not good enough.
  • If you have registered for the online update service then you need to send the relevant permission and certificate details.

All DBS checks should be renewed every 5 years for ART – some organisations require more
frequent checks. But if you have used the update service ART will make these checks.

Safeguarding checks in Scotland – the PVG scheme

The safeguarding issue is becoming very important and ART have decided that following extensive thought and research we can no longer accept PVG Scotland certificates and need DBS safeguarding certificates for all ART teachers and affiliate members. Exemption Declarations for members not teaching children and vulnerable adults are still valid.

ART is unable to access the PVG scheme for Scottish Members. The Scottish PVG scheme is very different to the scheme in England and involves both the ‘employer’ and ‘employee’ registering, making payments and any information being available only to the registered ‘employer’. Production of a PVG certificate does not give the information ART requires to confirm any history.

Nonetheless ART is required to carry out the necessary checks and the only economic way of doing that is to use the English system which also covers Scotland. Lloyd Education will provide enhanced checks for members in Scotland for the same admin fee of £8 payable by the individual. If a member is not teaching Vulnerable Adults or Children, then we will accept an annual declaration instead.

if you need further information please contact Elaine Greatrex at


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