Help Centre - Where do I find the Membership Declaration?

You complete the on-line Membership Declaration just before becoming an ART Member.  As accreditation automatically leads to a 3 month Membership free trial you are required to complete the Declaration before you can be recommended for accreditation.

The Membership Declaration demonstrates that you have read and will comply with ART policies and guidelines.  To find and complete the Declaration:

  • Log in to SmART Ringer – you will land on your Personal Home page.
  • At the top of the Programmes Home page you will see the Module sections.
  • Click on the Module for which are are seeking accreditation.
  • Scroll down to the “Membership Declaration” link and click on the green link to Submit Membership Declaration.

Once you have successfully completed the Declaration your accreditation is complete and you can start your 3 month Membership free trial.

Related Information

You can find out more about ART’s policies and guidelines on the ART website.

To become an ART Member you will need to provide either a DBS certificate or a written declaration that you do not teach children or vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding training is available free of charge to ART Members through Educare.

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