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Accreditation is a key part of the ART Training Scheme, and we are committed to helping you through the process.

How do I fill out my teacher’s log book?

After the day course, please use the teacher’s log book to start recording your lesson plans and reflecting on how your teaching is going – please see this video for some tips on filling it in.

As an Assessor: Following a successful assessment, should I expect the mentor to submit the Teacher’s ‘Recommendation for Accreditation’ via SmART Ringer, or is this my responsibility?

From 1 January 2020: For all Modules: Only an independent Assessor can submit the ‘Recommendation for Accreditation’. It is therefore part of the responsibility of the Assessor’s role to complete procedures by ensuring that this happens. Previous procedures allowing a mentor to submit their Teacher’s ‘Recommendation for Accreditation’ and self-submit their own ‘Recommendation for Accreditation’ have been […]

I am recognised by ART as both a mentor and an ART Assessor. Can I complete the assessed lesson for those teachers that I am mentoring?

No.  The assessed lesson was introduced to the accreditation pathway as an important part of ensuring training standards and consistency, and it is therefore essential that the ART Assessor is independent from the mentor. If you need help finding an independent ART Assessor, then see here: Find an ART Assessor.

I am mentoring a Teacher who is ready for their assessed lesson. How do I find an ART Assessor?

If you are ready for an assessed lesson but have not yet found an ART Assessor, then there are several ways to find one: See if there is an ART Assessor in your area on this list: Contact your Course Tutor who may be able to help If you have tried the above and […]

I have lost my Teacher Training Logbook – how do I get a replacement?

If the copy of the Teacher Training Logbook that you were given when you attended the Teacher Training Day Course (Module 1, Module 2F or Module 2C) has been lost or damaged, you can download a replacement – click here.

The practices at my home tower are pretty advanced, I’m not sure they will appreciate me ‘teaching’

Even the best bands still have a Ringing Master – someone who oversees the ringing, placing the band for best chance of success, deciding what method to ring next, identifying problems or areas where a particular ringer is struggling and spotting potential for ringers to develop – perhaps there’s someone there who would like to […]

It’s hard to plan practices because I never know who is going to turn up, I might have a plan to ring Doubles, then there might only be four of us!

This is a very familiar story for most towers – last minute changes of plans can mean you’re short of ringers on a practice night. A teacher can demonstrate resourcefulness by having a back up plan in case of low turn out. Bringing along a folder of challenging Minimus methods or kaleidoscope exercises can still […]

Does my mentor have to be present at all the practices I run?

No, although ART would expect your mentor to be on hand to support you for some of your practices / workshops, they don’t need to attend every single one. You might find it easier to keep in touch via email or phone – send them your practice plan beforehand, explaining the exercises or methods that […]

I’m not a Tower Captain, how can I run the practices?

Talk to your Ringing Master or Tower Captain – find out whether they’d be happy for you to run an occasional practice. They might be very grateful for the offer – after all, it can be hard work running every practice week in, week out and if there’s someone else in the tower who can […]

What do I need to do to be accredited for Module 2?

Module 2 is different from Module 1 in that it does not depend on teaching a set curriculum or your ringer acquiring a particular skill. Module 2 is concerned with a teacher’s ability to run a safe, effective and enjoyable practice where ringers are able to progress towards goals and improve. Module 2 emphasises the […]

How do the new Modules 2C and 2F relate to the old Module 2?

The new Module 2C is comparable to the old Module 2.  Thus anyone who went on the old Module 2 course is now shown as having been on Module 2C – on their personal profile, theory test passes and for accreditation purposes. Module 2F is a new course with new and different objectives.  Only teachers […]

Where can I find the theory tests after attending my Day Course?

You can take the theory test associated with the Day Course you have attended as soon as you have received your SmART Ringer login details. These will be sent to you by the ART Administrator in the days following your course. Be patient! When a lot of courses have been held this can take a […]

What is the teacher accreditation pathway?

Attending a Day Course is your first step towards accreditation. As soon as you can after the course start teaching; it’s amazing how quickly things can be forgotten and confidence lost if the techniques you’ve learnt aren’t put into practice straight away.  Completing the on-line theory test soon after the course will also help you […]

How long do I have to complete my accreditation?

The time limit to complete accreditation for all Modules is 2 years. If for any reason you can’t complete your accreditation within this time limit, please contact the ART administrator or your tutor to discuss. A tutor can arrange for an extension to the 2 year limit in certain circumstances. If you don’t accredit during […]

The teacher I am mentoring is not going to accredit

This can happen for a variety of reasons – moving, giving up ringing or just not sufficiently  interested.  This doesn’t mean you can’t be accredited yourself; you can easily transfer to the teaching route and gain accreditation that way.  Have a look at the accreditation pathways for the Modules for more information.  The ART Assessor […]

Can I accredit using someone I taught to ring before I attended Module 1?

No. For your accreditation you need to teach a new ringer who started handling lessons after you attended the day course, and with whom you have used the ART training techniques. However, if you have ringers who you have taught previously who can pass all the requirements for Level 1 of the Learning the Ropes […]

My ringer has stopped ringing before my Module 1 assessed lesson

To be accredited at Module 1 your mentor needs to tick off in your log book that they have witnessed you teaching all the various stages of bell handling but that doesn’t always have to be with the same ringer. In addition, the ART Assessor needs to watch you teach to ensure standards and consistency. […]

Do I need to teach a ringer through all 5 Levels of the LtR Scheme to be accredited?

No. For your Module 1 accreditation your mentor needs to witness you teaching the various stages of bell handling using the guidelines in your Teacher Training Logbook. You can demonstrate this with several ringers or just one; which is useful if one of your new ringers gives up or if your mentor can’t always be […]

Does my mentor have to be with me in the tower the whole time I am teaching?

No. How much support you feel you need is at the discretion of you and your mentor. If you are teaching someone or running a practice for the first time, you might well appreciate your mentor being in the tower with you quite a lot to begin with, or you might be quite confident and […]

I want to change my mentor

If possible speak to your mentor about this.  The relationship between you and your mentor is two-way; sometimes a mentor is waiting to be invited to help. However, if your mentor doesn’t have enough time to help you or the relationship isn’t working then it might be best for someone else to support you instead. […]

I’m a very experienced teacher, why do I need to be assessed?

The point of the assessment is not just to verify that you’re a good teacher, but to verify that you’re a good teacher who is using the ART ethos and techniques. A very experienced teacher who embraces the ART way of teaching will almost certainly progress through accreditation to ART Membership quickly and relatively easily, […]

About ART Assessors and Assessed Lessons

Your ART Assessor is not your mentor. ART Assessors have been appointed since the beginning of 2015 in order to ensure standards and accreditation consistency. They are invited by your mentor to watch you teach (hence an assessed lesson) and confirm that you have reached a good standard of teaching using ART techniques. They will […]

How do I connect to a ringer, teacher or ART Assessor?

When you submit a Ringer’s pass for a Learning the Ropes (LtR) Level or recommend a Teacher for accreditation you’ll come across a form that requires you to connect to that person.  This makes a connection deep in the SmART Ringer database.  How do you do this? At the bottom of the form you must […]

Where do I find the Membership Declaration?

You complete the on-line Membership Declaration just before becoming an ART Member.  As accreditation automatically leads to a 3 month Membership free trial you are required to complete the Declaration before you can be recommended for accreditation. The Membership Declaration demonstrates that you have read and will comply with ART policies and guidelines.  To find […]