Help Centre - I want to change my mentor

If possible speak to your mentor about this.  The relationship between you and your mentor is two-way; sometimes a mentor is waiting to be invited to help.

However, if your mentor doesn’t have enough time to help you or the relationship isn’t working then it might be best for someone else to support you instead. This happens; we’d much rather you changed mentor than give up on ART.

If you already know someone who has been on an ART Day Course who you’d like to be your mentor then you or your existing mentor should send an email to the ART Administrator requesting transfer to the new mentor.  To avoid surprises, please make sure that everyone (teacher, existing and new mentor) are included in the email.

For more advice ask the person who organised your course, the ART administrator, or the tutor who taught your Day Course. We will try to help by putting you in touch with another mentor who might be able to offer you more support.

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