Help Centre - The teacher I am mentoring is not going to accredit

This can happen for a variety of reasons – moving, giving up ringing or just not sufficiently  interested.  This doesn’t mean you can’t be accredited yourself; you can easily transfer to the teaching route and gain accreditation that way.  Have a look at the accreditation pathways for the Modules for more information.  The ART Assessor who observes your assessed lesson will recommend you for accreditation.

For an experienced teacher, this is often the fastest and easiest way to gain accreditation, and you can certainly mentor other teachers in future if someone else in your area attends a course and needs your support.

Whether you are accredited via the teaching or mentoring route the end result is the same – you become an accredited ART teacher and a Member of ART.

Further Information

The accreditation pathways for the ART Modules.

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