Help Centre - Where can I find the theory tests after attending my Day Course?

You can take the theory test associated with the Day Course you have attended as soon as you have received your SmART Ringer login details. These will be sent to you by the ART Administrator in the days following your course. Be patient! When a lot of courses have been held this can take a few days.

To find and take your on-line theory test:

  • Log in to SmART Ringer – you will land on your Programme Home page.
  • Click on the Module appropriate to the theory test you want to take. You take the test on-line.

You can take the theory test as many times as required until you pass the test.  However you must wait 24 hours between re-takes.  Questions are rotated so each time you take a test the exact questions set will change.

You have up to two years after your Day Course to take and pass the theory test.  If you attended your Day Course more than two years ago then your SmART Ringer login will expire; please contact the ART Administrator if this is the case and you want to proceed with your accreditation.

Note that passing your theory test is only a step in the accreditation process

Further Information

The accreditation pathways for the ART Modules.

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