Help Centre - How do I connect to a ringer, teacher or ART Assessor?

When you submit a Ringer’s pass for a Learning the Ropes (LtR) Level or recommend a Teacher for accreditation you’ll come across a form that requires you to connect to that person.  This makes a connection deep in the SmART Ringer database.  How do you do this?

At the bottom of the form you must connect to the Ringer/Teacher/Assessor using the “Create connections” box.  You can type into this box either:

  • their SmART Ringer username (this is shown on SmART Ringer with an @ symbol in front of it)
  • or their name

In either case a list of names will appear below the “Create connections” box. You must select the name of the Ringer/Teacher/Assessor you are submitting (only one please per submission) and then click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form to complete the submission.

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