Help Centre - Learning the Ropes and New Ringers

Learning the Ropes is a progressive learning scheme for new ringers. It provides a structured approach to the development of ringing skills where new skills are built on those already learned. It is available to new ringers being taught using the ART method.

How do I order a LtR Certificate?

We are in the process of producing a series of FAQ videos to enhance the support available to you all. This video explains the procedure you need to follow when ordering a LtR certificate.

Which Learning the Ropes Levels can I assess ringers and submit passes at?

The Learning the Ropes (LtR) Levels that you can assess ringers and submit passes at depends upon which Teacher Training Modules you have completed or are engaged on. For safety reasons, you can only assess ringers and submit passes at LtR Level 1 (Bell Handling) if you have completed, or are engaged on, Module 1 (Teaching Bell […]

How do you assess a ringer for one of their LtR Levels?

When you think one of your ringers has completed one of their Learning their Ropes Levels it is time to do their assessment, complete their Personal Progress Book and order them a certificate. By the time of the assessment, your ringer needs to have gone through all the practical and theory exercises relevant to their […]

How do I add a new ringer to SmART Ringer?

Only a Teacher can add a Ringer to the Learning the Ropes (LtR) scheme.  Once added they will receive their own SmART Ringer login details and have access to an extensive range of ringer resources. This video will help support you when adding a new LtR Ringer to SmART Ringer so that they appear on […]

Quarter Peal Criteria for LtR Certificates

The quarter peal criteria set out in the Learning the Ropes (LtR) Levels are guidelines and flexibility is catered for.  So if covering a QP on 5 bells is asked for then covering on more than that number shows that the ringing ability being looked for is certainly more than there. In the same way […]

Why Register Your Ringers on SmART Ringer?

SmART Ringer provides material and resources both for teachers and ringers When you register your new ringers on the scheme, they will also be sent log in information so that they can access things that could be useful for them. Anyone new to ringing can benefit from materials which support their journey through the Learning […]

How do I progress a ringer through a LtR Level?

When one of your ringers has passed all the requirements for a Level of the Learning the Ropes (LtR) scheme you can progress them on SmART Ringer and if wanted order them a certificate. To progress your Ringer: Log in to SmART Ringer – you will land on your Personal Home page. Near the bottom […]

I don’t have anyone to teach

If you don’t already have a ringer to teach, then why not have a look at the ART good practice guidelines about recruitment, or ask for advice from Andrew Else our recruitment advisor – his email is You won’t be able to be accredited at Module 1 without teaching one or more new ringers […]

Can I order a Level 1 certificate for a ringer I started to teach before I attended Module 1?

No. If you have ringers you have taught previously who can pass all the requirements for Level 1 of the Learning the Ropes scheme and they are ready for a certificate at a higher level, please register them and start by ordering the next certificate that they are eligible for. If they are working towards […]

When I order a LtR certificate, does my mentor or an ART Assessor need to come and watch the ringer complete their handling assessment?

No. As a teacher you complete this assessment with your ringer. You may want your mentor there in a supporting role, but it’s you, the teacher, who decides when the ringer is ready for a Learning the Ropes certificate. Related Information You might want to send your ringer the link to the Recognition section of […]

My ringer has stopped ringing before my Module 1 assessed lesson

To be accredited at Module 1 your mentor needs to tick off in your log book that they have witnessed you teaching all the various stages of bell handling but that doesn’t always have to be with the same ringer. In addition, the ART Assessor needs to watch you teach to ensure standards and consistency. […]

Developing Ringing Skills beyond LtR Level 5

Learning the Ropes Plus is an awards scheme which encourages ringers who have successfully completed the Learning the Ropes scheme and want to progress further.  It encourages ringers to become more self-motivated and self-directed.  Unlike Learning the Ropes it is not a progressive scheme, as submissions can be made for any category of achievement at any […]

Transferring a ringer to another teacher

Please don’t submit them again as new ringers as they already have profiles on SmART Ringer and we can’t create duplicates. Instead ask your ringer to email the ART Administrator confirming that they’d like to change teachers and we’ll get that all taken care of – any previous LtR achievements they have so far will […]

When will I appear on the directory so that potential new learners can get in touch?

When you join ART as a Member. When you are accredited, you will be offered the opportunity to join ART as a Member. You will be asked to supply evidence of a DBS certificate or make an exemption declaration and pay your membership subs.  Once complete, you will be eligible to be listed on our […]

One of my ringers isn’t physically up to ringing a quarter peal – can they still progress to levels 3, 4 and 5 of LtR?

Yes, absolutely. ART has an equal opportunities policy – so if one of your ringers has a limitation which means they can’t ring quarter peals, please contact the ART Administrator with details. Members of the ART Management committee assess each case on an individual basis and will work with you to come up with alternative […]

Do I need to pay for LtR certificates for my ringers?

No, these are provided to you free of charge by ART and are a Membership benefit. There is an administrative cost associated with the generation of the certificates so please make sure that the data that you enter such as the ringer’s name and tower are spelled properly so that we can reduce our overheads. […]

How do I connect to a ringer, teacher or ART Assessor?

When you submit a Ringer’s pass for a Learning the Ropes (LtR) Level or recommend a Teacher for accreditation you’ll come across a form that requires you to connect to that person.  This makes a connection deep in the SmART Ringer database.  How do you do this? At the bottom of the form you must […]