Help Centre - How do you assess a ringer for one of their LtR Levels?

When you think one of your ringers has completed one of their Learning their Ropes Levels it is time to do their assessment, complete their Personal Progress Book and order them a certificate.

By the time of the assessment, your ringer needs to have gone through all the practical and theory exercises relevant to their Level.  These are listed in the ringer’s Personal Progress Book. If there is a physical/medical reason why they can’t complete one of the exercises then have a look at the ART Equality Policy and contact ART for help and advice.

Assessment at Levels 3 to 5 is by quarter peal so you need to organise qualifying quarter peals and submit them on SmART Ringer when you progress your ringer through the Level.

Assessment at Levels 1 and 2 requires you to complete a checklist of elements of handling. For Level 1 they must have 11/16 of the elements ticked before they can pass the Level.  For Level 2 this increases to 15/16.  You do not need an external assessor for them.

You should only tick one of the elements when they’re competent at the skill. That does not mean perfect all the time … it’s understanding what they’re doing and doing it pretty well most of the time. Say someone rings down. You’re happy they’re safe and handle the rope well. You’ve seen a good performance. Occasionally they will still fumble the sally ,but recover from it themselves safely. That’s good enough. The bottom line is being safe and in control of the bell, ready to start manoeuvring it in place making etc. We are not seeking perfection.

Try and avoid words like exam and assessment – learning to ring can be hard enough on the new ringer without any additional external pressure. Some teachers just say “I’ve been watching you ringing today and you’ve ticked off enough elements to pass your Level 1. Congratulations. Let’s complete your progress book”. And of course if they’re not quite there, they don’t say anything and return to it at a future lesson.

Related Information

Once your ringer has passed their assessment find out more about how to progress them through the LtR Level on SmART Ringer.

You might want to send your ringer the link to the Recognition section of the ART website – be quick as lots of ringers are progressing.

The Learning the Ropes website is a stand-alone resource for new ringers and the LtR scheme.

You can purchase badges, LtR t-shirts and other merchandise for your ringers in the SmART Ringer shop if you wish – profits from these help to support ART.

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