Help Centre - How do I progress a ringer through a LtR Level?

When one of your ringers has passed all the requirements for a Level of the Learning the Ropes (LtR) scheme you can progress them on SmART Ringer and if wanted order them a certificate.

To progress your Ringer:

  • Log in to SmART Ringer – you will land on your Personal Home page.
  • Near the bottom of the Personal Home page you will find a section entitled “Learning the Ropes.” Click on the “Manage Ringers” link.
  • At the bottom of the Manage Ringers page you will see a table containing the names and current LtR status of all your ringers.  If you wish to progress a ringer then click on the relevant button on the top row of this table – it will be labelled “Submit pass”.
  • Proceed through the information page to a WordPress form.  Complete the form (see the handy hints section below) and press the “Submit” button.

The information that you have entered is passed onto the ART Administrator who will manually check it and, if you have requested one, send you a certificate by email.

Handy Hints

  • Take care to type in your ringer’s name and tower correctly as they will be used to populate their Learning the Ropes certificate.
  • You must connect to your ringer using the box provided.  You can either make a note of their SmART Ringer username from the Manage Ringers page and type this in directly or you can type in your ringer’s surname and a list of ringers will be brought up for you to choose the correct ringer.

As ringers pass each of their Learning the Ropes Levels, their achievement is published nationally in the Ringing World, our own quarterly newsletter ART Works and on the ART website.

Related Information

You might want to send your ringer the link to the Recognition section of the ART website – be quick as lots of ringers are progressing.

The Learning the Ropes website is a stand-alone resource for new ringers and the LtR scheme.

You can purchase badges, LtR t-shirts and other merchandise for your ringers in the SmART Ringer shop if you wish – profits from these help to support ART.

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