Help Centre - When will I appear on the directory so that potential new learners can get in touch?

When you join ART as a Member.

When you are accredited, you will be offered the opportunity to join ART as a Member. You will be asked to supply evidence of a DBS certificate or make an exemption declaration and pay your membership subs.  Once complete, you will be eligible to be listed on our online directory.

(NB:  A signed exemption declaration will not allow for learn to ring referrals from ART)

Quite a few enquiries from new learners come through the directory and we will only recommend a local teacher who is an ART Member.  So if you’re aiming to recruit and train more new ringers, it can be quite helpful to be listed.

Related Information

We currently get about 70 referrals a week from other bell ringing websites many of who are interested in learning to ring. They land on our Directory of ART Members.

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