Help Centre - What is the teacher accreditation pathway?

Attending a Day Course is your first step towards accreditation.

As soon as you can after the course start teaching; it’s amazing how quickly things can be forgotten and confidence lost if the techniques you’ve learnt aren’t put into practice straight away.  Completing the on-line theory test soon after the course will also help you to remember what you learnt.

Work with your mentor developing your practical and leadership skills, referring to and completing your Teacher Training Logbook as you go. In order to complete a Module and be accredited, you must:

  • Have a completed Teacher Training Logbook, signed by your mentor.
  • Complete the on-line assessment (often referred to as the Theory Test) through the SmART Ringer website.
  • Carry out an assessed lesson with your ringer (Module 1) or band (Modules 2F and 2C) observed by an ART Teaching Scheme Tutor or ART Assessor.

At this stage you will be invited to become an ART Member by the ART Administrator.  After passing a single Module you will become eligible to be an Associate Member and after passing two Modules (Module 1 and either Module 2F or 2C) you will be eligible to be a Full Member of ART.

Further Information

The accreditation pathways for the ART Modules.

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