Help Centre - It’s hard to plan practices because I never know who is going to turn up, I might have a plan to ring Doubles, then there might only be four of us!

This is a very familiar story for most towers – last minute changes of plans can mean you’re short of ringers on a practice night.

A teacher can demonstrate resourcefulness by having a back up plan in case of low turn out. Bringing along a folder of challenging Minimus methods or kaleidoscope exercises can still provide material for a beneficial practice.

You might want to play a CD of ringing examples and have a go at marking the striking (for listening practice). If your tower is equipped with a simulator, hold a mini ‘striking competition’ to focus on people’s listening skills – whether that’s rounds, Plain Hunt or a simple method.

Decamping to the local pub is also perfectly acceptable if you take along papers and pens for a theory session.  Be prepared to be creative – so that there’s something of benefit, even if just a few turn up. The ability to adjust your practice plan at the last minute is very useful.

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