Help Centre - What do I need to do to be accredited for Module 2?

Module 2 is different from Module 1 in that it does not depend on teaching a set curriculum or your ringer acquiring a particular skill. Module 2 is concerned with a teacher’s ability to run a safe, effective and enjoyable practice where ringers are able to progress towards goals and improve. Module 2 emphasises the teacher’s ability to plan the practice, cater for ringers of different strengths and abilities, include everyone where possible, then reflect on ‘what went well’ afterwards.  Teachers will need to demonstrate the ability to manage the ringing (such as placing the band to improve the likelihood success), give helpful and timely advice whilst standing behind, help motivate ringers by encouraging them to set their own goals, explain theory when necessary and give constructive feedback.

To gain accreditation for Module 2 through the teaching route, ART requires you to keep a record of some of your practices to demonstrate these skills, then arrange a visit from an ART Assessor who will come along to one of your practices to check through your book and watch the session.  This is only to confirm that you’re teaching well and ensure the good standard that ART can be proud of in our members.

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