Help Centre - The practices at my home tower are pretty advanced, I’m not sure they will appreciate me ‘teaching’

Even the best bands still have a Ringing Master – someone who oversees the ringing, placing the band for best chance of success, deciding what method to ring next, identifying problems or areas where a particular ringer is struggling and spotting potential for ringers to develop – perhaps there’s someone there who would like to start conducting for example.

For Module 2 accreditation, it’s just as possible to plan, run and review a Surprise Major practice as it is to run a session on foundation skills and Plain Hunt.

If you habitually only ring in advanced towers, try to gain a wider spectrum of experience by running workshops or special practices for people who haven’t been ringing as long. Contact local towers to find out if they’d like any support with learning something, or a focused practice on a particular skill.

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