High Fives at St Mary Wargrave

Four ringers at St Mary’s church recently attained Level 1 “Bell Handling”

On Sunday 27th September they were presented with their Level 1 certificates, and their teacher was given her ART Module 1 ‘teaching bell handling’ certificate.

The five of us then rang rounds for service, albeit only for very short stretches, (and at times not very accurately). After ringing their bells down, the students posed for a picture.

Val Salisbury, Bill Bookless, Carlos Soares, Laura Lord
Val Salisbury, Bill Bookless, Carlos Soares, Laura Lord

Our rounds on Sunday are improving, and we can now ring 10 minutes of quite respectable simple call changes with our two more experienced ringers. Laura has passed Level 2, and I am looking forward to attending my Module 2 course on Friday at Stretham. An interesting venue for me, as my first learner, whom I taught back in the 70s at Bromley Parish, rang at Stretham for several years and progressed to be a surprise minor ringer. So my current band has a target to aim for!

All this would not be possible without the regular help and support we get from several Sonning ringers, this being the next village up the Thames. I am particularly appreciative of the time and support Rob Needham, (my mentor) has given me, attending many of the tied as well as open practices, and arranging for us to use the simulator at Sonning.

Working closely with another tower and using the ART Training scheme has provided real benefits. I am so impressed by the commitment my learners have shown and their willingness to work hard to get it right; high fives were definitely in order for their achievement!

Vinni Sullivan

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