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Module 1 course at New Alresford, 26th January 2019

By on 18-Oct-2018 - Tutored by Roger Booth, this first course to be held at New Alresford will be module 1 of the ART Training scheme – teaching bell handling. Suitable for new and experienced teachers alike, the day course is a mixture of theory presentations and practical exercises, breaking down the skills of bell handling into small, manageable […] Read more

Module 1 course (Teaching Bell Handling), Chilcompton, 27th November 2018

By on 30-Sep-2018 - Chilcompton in Somereset (Frome Branch) will be hosting a module 1 course on the 27th November, 2018. Tutored by Pip Penney, this is the first module of the ART Training sheme and focusses on teaching bell handling from scratch, starting with the bell down. The course is suitable for both experienced and new teachers alike, […] Read more

Module 1 Evening Course in Birmingham – 4th and 18th July

By on 24-Jun-2018 - Although the majority of ART Training scheme courses take place during the day, Clare McArdle will be tutoring ART Module 1 across two Wednesday evenings in July, making it possible for people to attend who might have other commitments on weekends. The two sessions will take place at Birmingham St Paul’s, between 6pm and 9pm […] Read more

St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich

By on 14-Jun-2018 - Three, wonderful, talented new ringers for St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich. Karina was keen to learn to ring as part of her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Leonie and Jack started following our tower open day. They have shown real commitment and made really good progress. Congratulations to them all. Karina has obtained her SmART […] Read more

Module 1 course (Teaching Bell Handling) at All Saints’, Edmonton Green 23rd June 2018

By on 20-May-2018 - On the 23rd June, Pip Penney will be tutoring the ART Module 1 course in Teaching Bell Handling at All Saints’ Edmonton Green, North London. The day course is the first  stage in the ART Training Scheme and focusses on teaching bell handling by breaking the process down into small, manageable steps, starting with the […] Read more

Billingshurst, Module 1 Course, 30th June

By on 05-May-2018 - On the 30th June, Andy and Sallie Ingram will be tutoring a M1 course (teaching bell handling) at Billingshurst, Sussex.  The day course is the first component of the ART Training scheme where teachers are encouraged to put everything into practice by teaching someone to handle a bell and record their lesson plans in a […] Read more

Module 1 course (Teaching Bell Handling) to be held at Basildon Bell Tower, 7th July

By on 19-Apr-2018 - On the 7th July, ART Tutor Lesley Boyle will be presenting a module 1 course (teaching bell handling) at Basildon Bell Tower which is the iconic glass sided tower, housing 8 bells with an 11cwt tenor. Suitable for both experienced teachers and those who are new to teaching handling, the M1 course teaches delegates how […] Read more

Module 1 at St Laurence in Thanet – 24th March 2018

By on 29-Mar-2018 -  “Many thanks for an excellent course.  We all learned a great deal and are most grateful to you for the positive, encouraging way you allayed our nerves and fears” “Very inspiring and informative, now I need some new ringers” “Thank you for a very useful course. It helped me having watched an ART Teacher over […] Read more

Module 1 course at Knaresborough, 15th May

By on 27-Mar-2018 - St John the Baptist, Knaresborough will be hosting a Module 1 course on the 15th of May, tutored by Graham Nabb.  The course is suitable for teachers of all levels of experience. New teachers who are just starting out will learn how to teach a learner to handle a bell in a safe, effective way […] Read more

Module 1 Course to be held at All Saints’, Walsoken, 19th May

By on 14-Mar-2018 - On the 19th May 2018, Lesley Boyle will be tutoring ART Module 1 course (teaching bell handling) at All Saints’, Walsoken. The course is part 1 of the ART Training scheme and is suitable both for new teachers and those who are more experienced but who wish to gain new ideas and extend their skills. […] Read more