Module 1 course (teaching bell handling) St Anne’s on Sea, Lancashire

On the 29th of June, a Module 1 course (teaching bell handling) will be held at St Anne’s on Sea in Lancashire. Tutored by Graham Nabb, this is the first part of the ART Training scheme, suitable for anyone who would like to teach others to handle a bell, or experienced teachers who wish to further extend their skills.

The day course is a mixture of practical and theory sessions, with course delegates working in pairs in the tower, putting various teaching techniques into practice. Because the ART training scheme places emphasis on breaking down new skills into smaller, manageable steps, bell handling tuition starts with the bell in the ‘down’ position, enabling new learners to practise and perfect the physical actions of each stroke in a safe, relaxed way, before beginning to ring on a raised bell.

St Annes on the Sea has 8 bells, with the tenor weighing 16cwt. There are toilet facilities in the Church, teas and coffees will be available but delegates are asked to bring a packed lunch with them.

St Anne’s on the Sea

Delegates should arrive by 10.15am for a 10.30am start, with the course finishing around 5pm. Course costs are £20 payable to ART, and a £3 local donation to the tower to cover refreshments and use of the facilities.

To request a course place, please use the SmART Ringer online booking calendar here.

Applications via this will go directly to Graham Nabb who will respond to confirm the place.

Following the day course, delegates are encouraged to start teaching whilst documenting their lesson plans in a teacher’s log book. They will be able to add their new ringers to the Learning the Ropes scheme if they wish, and request certificates for them once they’re able to handle a bell. Once a teacher has completed their log book and feels ready to seek accreditation, they can arrange to teach alongside a visiting ART assessor who will confirm that they are a safe and effective teacher, able to be accredited with ART and join the organisation as a member.

For further details of what the day course entailes,  a review of a previous Module 1 course held in the Fylde branch can be read here.

Graham Nabb, Course Tutor teaching skills towards backstroke




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