Module 1 Success at All Saints’, Wokingham

I attended Module 1 at Marsworth in June 2015 as my start to teaching ringing. Oh Graham, you make it look so easy!
Eventually I got started with some learners and realised very quickly that adding about 15 foot extra rope to the exercises shown was not always going to work.
Despite this Angela Lazda (pictured on my right) and Katie Armitage (pictured on my left ) passed their level 1 Learning the Ropes in February and I had my Module 1 Accreditation passed on the day before the ART conference.
Module 1 and LtR Success at Wokingham

Module 1 and LtR Success at Wokingham

Hooray, here comes module 2! The resources that ART have in place have REALLY helped me. The LtR Bellhandling DVD and Pip’s Teaching Tips given to us on Module are  especially useful, along with using the ’slo-mo’ video feature on my iPhone.
It’s been hard work but thoroughly enjoyable.

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