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Norwich City Nail Art!

By on 28-Oct-2019 - Football fans among you will recognise the Norwich City colours on these beautifully painted nails by Norfolk ringer Katie Wright. But this has got nothing to do with football – it’s just a nod to the very first Learning the Ropes Festival of Ringing held in Norwich in August. Mancroft Ringing Discovery CentreManager Nikki Thomas […] Read more

Full of Eastern Promise – by John Loveless, ART member and teacher at Campton, Beds

By on 16-Oct-2019 - We knew going to Singapore to teach ringing would be no holiday, but 11 days of hard work. Our brief was to introduce bell-ringing to Singapore Cathedral, with its fine new 25cwt ring of 12, training members of the Cathedral community to handle a bell using the Learning the Ropes scheme. Starting on 7 August, […] Read more

Recent Successes

By on 09-Oct-2019 - In the third quarter of 2019, 290 certificates were awarded to ringers at the various stages of Learning the Ropes (LtR) as shown below. Last year’s numbers are given for comparison Level 1: Bell Handling 141 (167) Level 2: Foundation Ringing Skills 103 (83) Level 3: Introduction to Change Ringing 27 (21) Level 4: Novice […] Read more

At Shenfield, S is for Success !

By on 24-Aug-2019 - There’s lots happening at the Essex tower of Shenfield St Mary’s. The band is thriving with a good mix of young and old, and teaching and learning are very much on the agenda, as well as having lots of fun. In September they enjoyed a great day out in London, described by 13 year old […] Read more

Young Ringers’ Fest ! A big day out for young ringers in the ODG

By on 12-Aug-2019 - The city of Oxford was an ideal choice for our Big Day Out as it not only offers a variety of historic and memorable towers but is relatively easy for 19 young ringers and their parents to get around.Our first two towers were the light tens at St Thomas and St Mary Magdalen. Ringing was […] Read more

Waking up a Silent Tower

By on 01-Aug-2019 - In Tower Talk number 10, Brian Giles described how a new band got off the ground at Weekley, Northants. Here he gives us an update – not without its dramas! Having found Elaine Greatrex, our ART teacher, four new ringers at Weekley were making progress with their ringing. However, eventually the inevitable happened: we broke […] Read more