Module 1 at Edington Priory, 25th March

On the 25th March, Edington priory will be hosting a Module 1 day course of the ART Training Scheme, tutored by Andy and Sallie Ingham.

This is a full day course with a lunch break, dedicated to the safe and effective teaching of bell handling.  The course is suitable both for ringers who are new to teaching and also experienced teachers who might wish to  extend their skills and gain new ideas.

Edington Priory - Course Venue

Edington Priory – Course Venue

The Module 1 day course is the first step in becoming an accredited teacher of bell handling, with the emphasis being on then teaching people to ring, in easy, manageable steps, adapting to different learning styles and ultimately helping the new ringer to have competent bell control.

If you have limited experience of teaching, you will be supported by another teacher who has more experience and can mentor you, working alongside you in the tower. If you are already an experienced teacher, you can also contribute by pairing up with a new teacher, using the techniques learned on the day course and helping them put it all into practice.

If you are interested in booking a place on the course at Edington, please contact Christine Purnell or David Hacker for further information, or request a place using the booking form on SmART Ringer here.

There is a convenient car park at the Church.

Course fees are £20 per person payable to ART, plus any local contribution for refreshments etc (to be confirmed)


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