Module 2F Course to be held at Marsworth, 17th June 2017

Tutored by Paul Lewis, this popular course forms an increasingly valuable part of the ART Training Scheme. By focussing on foundation skills and early method ringing (from rounds up to plain hunt) it is ideally suited for anyone involved with a band at an early stage,  or ongoing recruitment where ringers are being introduced to ringing with others.

Practical Exercises in the Tower

Practical Exercises in the Tower

It is not a course requirement to have attended an ART Training course before, but delegates will need to have a reliable ability to plain hunt on 5 bells and raise / lower in peal.

By spending a whole day on skills such as call changes, dodging, making places, kaleidoscope ringing, developing awareness of ‘place’, ropesight, listening skills, leading and covering, the M2 F course is perfect for anyone who is working with a recently formed band who do not yet ring methods, or with ringers who wish to gain confidence with foundation skills before moving onto methods at a later stage if they wish to.

Paul Lewis - Course Tutor

Paul Lewis – Course Tutor

Unlike Module 2 C, the Module 2 F course does not include method ringing, but like any ART course there is a strong focus on coaching theory, practical exercises, how to run an effective practice, motivation and setting goals with ringers, bearing in mind development of the band overall.

Delegates can be either experienced teachers who wish to extend their skills and gain ideas for their practices, or completely new to teaching, with the aspiration of supporting other ringers by running practices or workshops.

The course will be held at All Saints’, Marsworth – a tower with 6 easygoing bells rung from a gallery, up a fixed wooden ladder. There is unrestricted parking around the Church which is in the middle of the village.

Bells at All Saints' Marsworth

Bells at All Saints’ Marsworth

Course fees are £20 payable to ART, plus £5 local costs to cover lunch and refreshments.  The Church has kitchen and loo facilities.

If you require further information about the course, or would like to enquire about booking a space, please use the online booking form here:

All Saints' Church, Marsworth, Bucks

All Saints’ Church, Marsworth, Bucks


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